Car Radiator Repairs in Brisbane

Diagnose the Problem on the Spot

You see a puddle on the garage floor. The temperature gauge rises more than normal. These are tell-tale signs there is an issue with your cooling system. Bring your car into our shop and for no cost we will diagnose the problem on the spot, before any expensive damage to your engine.
Fix Your Car

Quality Components

Whether it’s a radiator assembly, intercooler, thermostat or radiator hose, we use the highest quality parts to ensure longevity and maximum cooling efficiency.


If your turbocharger or supercharger is working too hard, there may be a leak in the intercooler. Australia’s rough roads can be harsh on the high temperature intercooler. We can test the intercooler for leaks and repair or replace the intercooler restoring turbo efficiency.

Organic Coolant

We use high quality long life eco-friendly coolants, ensuring efficient cooling while minimising corrosion and damage to the environment.
We can repair all makes and models, from the Model T to the latest models

Service Your Cooling System

Whether you have a liquid cooled system or an air cooled system, we can make sure the radiator, fan, water pump, transmission cooler, hoses and all other important parts are circulating properly.

Flush Out Contaminants

If your radiator is blocked, cleaning just the radiator will only temporarily solve the problem. Using a potent, yet safe cleaning formula, we flush the entire cooling system to blast through oil, gel, corrosion by-products and other contaminants. 

Tip-Top Maintenance and Repairs

At Western Suburbs Radiator Service, we recommend regular maintenance of your cooling system. Often minor faults can go undetected which may cause major failures in the future. We can identify any problems and repair them with a fast turnaround time.

Diagnostic Pressure Tests

One of the best ways to identify a leak in the cooling system or a blown head gasket is a pressure test. We have the equipment and technical expertise to conduct a diagnostic pressure test and pinpoint any issues.

Consult With Our Mechanics Today

If a pump or hose isn’t functioning, we can identify the problem and repair it with a fast turnaround time. Consult with our mechanics about your car’s cooling issues by giving us a call. 
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